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Origin of desire (to cook)

If the idea to enrich the recipe of a dish with references to stimulate a little even the imagination and the desire not properly gastronomic intrigues you, this is the right book!
You can already guess from the title that this is not one of those tests of the chef who are offered daily on television.
The origin of desire immediately makes us think of something that is badly reconciled with pots and stoves and the reader is warned that, in the pages that he is preparing to read, he will find “bread for his teeth”, if they have remained and ideas to be used to reinforce the relationship with the person next to him, if he has the immense joy of having one to embrace.
Harriet Van Horne (journalist, American columnist) warns that “cooking is like loving, or abandoning oneself completely or giving up”.
This is why the execution phase of each recipe is preceded by the
preparation in which sensory experiences are evoked ranging from the tasting of selected wines in years of “massacring” sessions of wine tasting, listening to musical pieces, accomplices of emotions.
The proposed menus are ten, one a day for ten days, as in Boccaccio’s Decameron.
There, the group of ten young men (seven women and three men) fled from Florence
to save themselves from the plague, tell each other stories, explicitly with
erotic references, for ten consecutive days. Here, inspired by the ideal of
hedonistic life, we dedicate ourselves to the pleasure of cooking ten enjoyable menus.

origine del desiderio libro di Valerio Bergamini
Barbacarlo libro di Valerio Bergamini

Lino Maga, in fact Maga Lino Mr. Barbacarlo

In this book Lino Maga, whose rhythms are as compassed as those of nature, a man who doesn’t like haste, reveals a little bit making us “appear” his creature: the Barbacarlo. The Barcacarlo is a wine carved in stone that takes its name from a vineyard: we are in the middle of the concept of cru so dear to the French people. A vineyard, a wine, a territory with its climate, its soil, its exposure.Here the terroir dominates, passing the vines that, however, are the classic ones of the place: Croatina, Uva Rara, Ughetta (local name of Vespolina). An impressionist tale intercalated by long silences that are prepared for the emotion of the word that is revealed later, often with a touch of bitterness. A narrative made in a whisper, with a calm and phlegmatic speech like an enoic Zeman, with the ever-present MS (soft yellow package cigarettes) perpetually lit, which wraps with its smoke and the shadows of a battle-over existence. Lino Maga is a combination of philology and ampelology, the first is not a science but it’s like a torment for the word first thought and then completed, and the second is an inexhaustible passion for the vine. Indeed love! Love for the vine and the earth it generates and for his work.

Gaspare Buscemi, the prophet of wine

Class’ 39, a large amount of of winemaking behind, Gaspare Buscemi is one of the old generations of vineology, a concentrate of wisdom, spontaneity, intelligence, practice and experience acquired in the field, even on the fields of the most diverse wine areas, not only Italian. A brave man, romantic, genuine, of a confidence that bears the sign of a fidelity to an ideal, almost a dream, pursued for a lifetime: humanising enology. Like an oenoic Don Quixote he fought against the windmills of the wine system that, with their senseless blades, have torn and teared the culture of wine made of genuineness, dignity, pride, pride, beauty, shattering it into a pile of ugliness. But Gaspare is the master of winemaking, oxidative control and the evolutionary charm of timeless wines. His biggest challenge is precisely that of measuring himself over time because there are many risks, but sometimes enormous rewards. The concept of time, in its bottles, is enhanced, elevated, strengthened, manifested in oxidative note free of contaminations that blend harmoniously with the challenge and elegance of wine.

Gaspare Buscemi, il profeta del vino libro di Valerio Bergamini
7 soste sulla strada della passione di Valerio Bergamini

7 Stops on the path of passion

As Walter Massa, the Timorasso supporter, says:“Making a good wine is like make a goal at the intersection of the goalposts”. The same goes for a good beer or a good dish. In this book we are talking about wines and beers that are like goals at the intersection of the goalposts,but… upside down! Wines and beers made from winemakers and brewers who recognize themselves in a peasant life in a territory whose notion is not trivialized, as often clumsily it happens. From thousands of years, from the dawn of the civilization of the Egyptians up to our days, man has derived materials, spiritual and moral nourishment from both wine and from beer as a natural and cultural manifestation, characteristic of the own species. So we continue to drink “right” always keeping in mind another great teaching of a Great like J.W.Goethe who warns us that” life is too short to drink mediocre wines” (or beers) The nectars of wine or beer, which this book invites us to pour into glasses, will help you feel good and get drunk with life, to make us feel a little less depressing the emptiness in which we sometimes sink.