Chef at home

I come to your home and create a menu tailored to your needs. Together we agree on the menu, the combination and the number of dishes.

I procure raw food through suppliers that assure me excellent quality.


In my intervention the preparation time of the dishes and the service are included. I handle the shopping for the menu through suppliers who assure me the excellence of the quality and, if requested, I also take care of the choice of the matching wines and the preparation of the table.


I come to your home and use your kitchen. I bring the equipment if it is necessary to cook for a large number of people (over ten units). Or in an equipped structure indicated by you or proposed by me.


When you want, booking at least 10 days in advance.


For an anniversary, a birthday party, a special occasion, or simply to surprise the person or people who are particularly dear to you.

Excellent raw food

Obviously the quality of the ingredients is the indispensable condition to always obtain a good result in cooking but this becomes excellent if raw food is excellent. Cooking a dish with top quality substances, as well as respectful of those who consume it, is also more satisfying for those who make it. For this reason, through a long experience in finding the raw food, I have selected a long list such as :

Voghera Pepper, Voghera golden onion, Breme onion, Miradolo Terme pea, Cilavegna asparagus, Bertagnina di Dornoda pumpkin, Gambolò Borlotto bean, Castelnuovo red onion, Carla della Val Borbera apple, La Robinia apple from Mornico Losana, Bella di Garbagna cherry, white Quarantina and Prugnona potato, Tortona fragrant strawberry, Volpedo peaches, Riso Secondo Natura from Roasio (VC), Acquerello Rice Ferraris (VC), Montebore from Mongiardino, Boscasso cheeses from Ruino and the Gratèr from Torrazza Coste, Gorgonzola PDO of Novarese, Taleggio DOP from the province of Novara, Salami of goose from Mortara PGI, Salami PGI from Cremona, Salame Nobile del Giarolo and Salami PDO from Varzi, Truffle from Oltrepo Pavese, , Honey from Zavattarello, Olio EVO Garda DOP, Olio EVO Laghi Lombardi DOP, Baga Bread (dough by hand and cooked over a wood fire), free-range eggs, Varzese or Fassona beef, fish from the fish – market in Santa Margherita Ligure(Ge), Ottofile tortonese, poultry and pork meat from the ancient market of Volpedo …

From a dinner reserved for two people
to a table or a buffet


It ‘s in this kind of cuisine that I have my roots. In our Country culinary traditions have reached high levels of expression even starting from peasant preparations made of simple and extraordinary things. I propose: • menus linked to the tradition of Oltrepadana and Lomellina, characterized by dishes using poor but tasty and substantial raw materials • fish menu with fresh-cut blast chilled and strictly found on the Italian fish market (according to a study by the Institute of Economic Research for Fisheries and Aquaculture, in Italy about 900 thousand tons of fish are marketed every year, of which only 230 thousand fished in our seas).


I can indulge myself to create appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts, using vegetables, fruit, cereals, milk and eggs for healthy and complete preparations without renouncing good flavours. The raw materials used are found in an agronomist of Canneto Pavese that obtains them in a strictly natural way.


I propose vegan menus that do not include foods containing proteins of animal origin (milk, cheese, eggs, honey, etc.) but rather legumes, whole grains, nuts, hazelnuts, olives, vegetables, soy, Curcuma, Jerusalem artichoke, Kamut, Quinoa, Ginseng


Chef at home

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