barbacarlo 1989


Simple or refined dishes find in wine the right partner able to enhance them to the fullest.

It is therefore important to choose the most suitable wine, sometimes able to bring out the hidden qualities of food, sometimes to round off the edges.


Finding the correct pairing between food and wine is a magical alchemy that is obtained through a long experience of tastings, repeated and crossed tastings with a range of variants up to the application of a methodology that allows to evaluate their harmony (AIS terminology) . My long practice in the world of wine started with the Wine Master certificate of the Wine Culture Institute of Milan and continued with the AIS sommelier diploma, allowed me to know personally a large number of wine-growers from all over Italy (in especially the Marche, Colli Bolognesi, Colli Tortonesi, Franciacorta, Monferrato, Collio, Oltrepo Pavese and Piacentino) and to make friends with many of them. Some of these have also become protagonists of my food and wine books.

The special relationship I have with many of the best and genuine winemakers, allows me to have not only the most exclusive selections of their wines but also those of vintages no longer available on the market and to make them available so that an important lunch or a dinner can become exclusive.


My intervention includes, in addition to the preparation of the dishes and the service, also the choice of matching wines. I deal with procuring the most interesting labels in the best years.


I bring the wines to your home in special containers that safeguard their integrity and offer them on the table at the right serving temperature. If necessary, I also make the most appropriate glasses available, because each type of wine must have its proper container.


When you want, booking at least 10 days in advance.


For an anniversary, a birthday party, , a special occasion or to surprise the person or people who are particularly dear to you. Simple or refined dishes find the right partner in the wine to exalt them at the best and at the same time the wine is also enhanced with a correct combination.