Trips in the cellar

Visiting a winery or a vineyard means coming into direct contact with a territory, interfacing with its customs, traditions and with the people who live there.

An interesting experience for enthusiasts and the curious willing to test themselves with emotional tastings, walks in the vineyards, real journeys through the culture of the wine world.

Trips in the cellar

I will be your oenoic narrator: I will guide you by telling you stories of extraordinary characters like their wines.

Trips users can be:

For non-wine experts, a visit to the winery is a good opportunity to look out onto an exciting world and learn about, in addition to the various types of wines, their processing, in direct contact with the producer.


For wine lovers who already know about it, but want to test themselves by confronting those who produce it and discover winemaking methods and choices that make great certain wines.


For those who want to understand wine through the culture, the landscape and the history of the land where the vines are rooted. And discover a peasant wisdom, which today finds one of its most genuine expressions in the wine world.

– Do you want to visit a winery of Oltrepò Pavese, the Tortona hills or the Colli Bolognesi and taste the wines in the place where they are produced and kept? Spend some time in the place where the wines are born, are refined, mature and listen to the tales of the winemaker who made them .It is the best way to grasp the peculiarities. I can accompany you in many historic cellars, some of which have made the history of Italian wine.

– Are you moving to Pavia (or in the Pavese) and you have some time to devote to the culture of wine? From Pavia you can reach the Oltrepo Pavese wine places in 15 minutes and in 40 minutes you’ll reach the Tortonesi hills. I can guide you to discover the flavours of these lands, “walking the vineyards” (Veronelli), knowing unusual places and extraordinary people.

The trips can last 2/3/4 or even more hours, depending on the time you have available.

Here are some examples (from Monday to Sunday included).

Oltrepo Pavese

• 9:00 am Departure from Pavia.

• 9:25 am Arrival in Broni at the Barbacarlo winery. Tasting in the company of Lino Maga, Barbacarlo, Montebuono with traditional bread “miccone” and salami.

• 10:45 am Departure from Broni.

• 11:00 am Arrival in Canneto Pavese at the Bruno Verdi winery (or Picchioni Andrea, or Franco Pellegrini). Tasting of three, four or five wines with the producers, with snacks to accompany.

• 12:30 am Transfer to Casabassa.

• 12:40 am Arrival at Casabassa at the Giorgio Mercandelli RiLuce Company. Lunch in the cellar with Giorgio and his wines.

• 3:00 pm Return to Pavia.


Tortona Hills

• 2:00 pm Departure from Pavia.

• 2:40 pm Arrival in Monleale (AL) at the Vigneti Massa winery. Tasting of various Timorasso labels with Walter Massa and PiGi salam.

• 4:00 pm Transfer to the Renato Boveri company. The Patriarch of the Tortona Hills, 96 years and 90 vintages will let us taste 4/5 of his wines.

• 5:15 pm  Departure from Monleale.

• ore 5:40 pm Arrival at San Sebastiano Curone at the Bandiera Cascina. Tasting of the wines of the cellar in the various years starting from 1999.

• ore 7:00 pm Return to Pavia.